These are not long term burdens, but rather incidents that occur during the time of Mercury and Saturn's association. This is a great aspect for an intellectual relationship. [p] In other cases, the two were separated by distance at the time when Saturn has a need; or Mercury has other commitments that had to come first. [p] The exchange can be on any Neptunian level. The Saturn person may feel like a grounding and stabilizing force to the Ascendant person. Jupiter Conjunct Jupiter Synastry; Saturn Conjunct Saturn Synastry; Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry; Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry; Mercury Conjunct Mercury Synastry; Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry; Sun Conjunct Sun Synastry; Every Zodiac Cusp Sign And Dates, Cusp Zodiac Signs; Tarot Cards List, All Tarot Cards. There is a possibility that someone whose Mercury is in your 8th House is playing the role of the trickster in your life. Synastry Aspects - Astrology Meanings and . Perhaps Mercury discovered on his or her own a new way of thinking that inspired him or her. The finished product received little acclaim at the cost of a great deal of effort. [p] The inflexible impasse that the two develop is usually in that their personal affairs are either in comflict or do not interest each other. Synastry:Venus-PlutoAspectsBetweenTwoCharts So recently I've been interested in a new guy so I had to look up our synastry. Hotel in Taipei | Hyatt Place New Taipei City Xinzhuang. [p] In some cases of Mercury opposition Pluto the two have a period of temporary separation of viewpoint or experience in a basically harmonious relationship because they are in a time of deepening or enlarging aspirations and experience. [p] The come together to share, or experience at the same time, a matter of abundance, optimism, or expansion. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. For the most part, it is a passive contact, where the efforts of both go into other directions rather than toward each other. Thanks. [p] Whether Mercury shares with the Moon a long period of close daily association, or intermittent periods of contact, he is inclined to responsive sympatico. Saturn in synastry is intriguing because what begins as a strong sense of security and comfort felt between a couple can eventually degenerate into feelings of pressure to stay the same, and an overall sense that one does not want the other to grow or develop. With little or no effort Mercury can get what he wants from Mars, but without satisfaction to the depth of his passions. [p] There are a few examples in which the two overcame obstacles of distance or diversity to cooperate for good in spiritual aspirations. He had a familial response of loyalty to both, but his mental processes and attitudes differed from theirs. Description of the conjunction aspect between the Sun and Saturn.This is about Synastry, not composite charts There will be pressure, especially on the part of the Mercury, to change. Their production was handicapped by limited funds, inadequate sets and crew. [p] If Mercury does not accept this opportunity at the time that it is offered, the chance passes like a dream. Mercury may feel belittled or perhaps immature/illogical in Saturns presence, feeling as if Saturn is watching him/her too closely or is overly critical and fault-finding. There are several doctor-patient, teacher-student relationships; there are others where Mercury or the Sun sells a service or product. While Mercury is usually a helpful planet and helps with communication, this planet has another, less savory role. They meet by chance. In truth, the bond is likely still there from the point of view of Mercury. The mother understood and identified with his constructive efforts, but had little interest in the tedious hours on the set. Saturn conjunct Neptune is a major planetary aspect occurring every 36.4 years. [p] This is an advantageous aspect for both persons. The man said, "Sure, Bobby's a good, steady boy. The premise is, "We will cooperate for this height, or depth, or we will separate." Mercury Square Pluto Synastry. This is just one of those mutual chemistry things that has to be forced to die. Feb 25, 2018. As a result, the progressions in half the cases are as indicative of separation as of blending. [p] The progressions follow the same pattern but with less trauma. [p] Marijuana and all the hallucinogenic drugs will be categorically related to as drugs unless distinction is required in a specific case. Saturn fears anything that threatens the initial bond they formed, and sees any signs of growth on Mercurys part as a threat to that bond. The two can easily reconcile their differences with a little effort. [p] In one case, a man and woman from homes 3,000 miles apart met at a convention mid-way between. Saturn could have handled the job more efficiently than the other man. She was able to accept the man imparitally without any urge to personal involvement. [p] In the progressions there were varying degrees of cooperation for a broad area of general good and mutual benefit. [p] Wealth is not always measurable in financial figures. The example charts include approximately 60 persons who have had drug experiences. There were several short affairs, in one, a woman Mercury was in love with Mars, but did not make sufficient effort to hold his attention. [p] The severest examples have underhanded deceit, cold loathing, or tragedy. Mercury suspected Pluto of infidelity. When the aspect between Mercury and Saturn is a flowing one ( sextile or trine ), your Saturn partner helps you to structure your thoughts, plan your life, and give form to your ideas. Their attitudes clashed so violently in the intimate contact that both withdrew in a state of shock. [p] A woman had Mercury conjunct the Moon of her husband's best friend. The sense that Moon gets is that Saturns needs for commitment are paramount, and that frivolous expressions of neediness or dependency wouldnt be appropriate; or that expressions of dependency on anything or anyone else will be met with Saturns disapproval. Synastry:SunPartofFortuneAspects In these cases the two worked together with emotional and temporal benefit, that built a secure relationship. The personal planet person feels like he or she has to constantly monitor what he or she does or says in the presence of the Saturn person. Mercury fell through a glass shower door that slashed her back; Mars was in a fiery car accident in which she suffered 720" of second and third degree burns. We usually find Saturn interaspects with personal planets in long-lasting relationships. [p] The deepest and finest of human relationships for the good of both can be directed to the good of mankind. beyond Sun Signs. Both were in a period of inverting their former patterns, he in his work, she in her expressions of self will. Posts: 6 From: Australia Registered: May 2009: posted February 20, 2010 06:18 PM I've just realised that my Dad and I have this conjunction in Leo. At a certain time, the two will be drawn together easily and they have the chance to expand their energy together, in work, sex, social or athletic games, or business cooperation. Either one (or both) people involved may have made it clear at some early point in the interaction that this relationship was to be a serious or committed one. Welcome to Lindaland ( Lindaland Astrology 2.0 Saturn conjunct Saturn in synastry . The extent, depth and substance of the two personalities are unequal. Saturn offers practical advice and tips that truly improve Mercury's life. [p] In every case one, or both, have some hidden heights or depths, from each other or form the world. MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNEMercury has the ability to see the ideal quality of Neptune. Mercury-Saturn in Synastry. Mars conjunct South Node (North Node opposite Mars): Every interaction is bursting with passion and dynamic energy. [p] The conjunction implies a certain objectivity to all the Mercury conjunction of planets except that of Mercury conjunct Moon. Synastry:SunPlutoAspects [p] He divorced his wife, resigned his public post to go into business, and they married. The aspect is not antipathetic, quite the opposite. Reacting defensively to each other will only exacerbate the problem. There is a certain time when the way is clear for the, to build a mature exchange. [p] In all cases, Mercury does relate to the Sun. by presenting a note of dishonorable conduct, or by fear that their association would hurt hiw own reputation. For the most part Mercury has the greater abundance of some quality or condition. He proved this when he took a similar position with a competitive company. If they had, one or both of the persons would have been ruined. Mercury is very curious. In long term relationships, the Saturnian partner is the one who is the most likely to crave, expect or ask for more . These included love affairs and friendships. During their life time, their periodic contact vacillated, both in timing and sympatico. It doesnt even have to be about another person. Aquarius [p] When the two put in a common responsibility toward their relationship, it was easily satisfactory. The year that they met Mercury had a bloody accident in cutting her hand, and a car accident. MERCURY SEXTILE SATURNMercury has the ability to develop a secure and responsible contact with Saturn. In spite of all the pressures that would ten to separate them, the quantity of N parallels created too strong a bond. Saturn may deal with this fear by putting down the experience, punching holes in the theory that this threatening other has presented to Mercury. He would say things like, I really dont know why you find that so funny. As time passed, a dark cloud formed above the couple. [p] Another example was of two young men who were both musicians, who spent many compatible hours together smoking pot. Emotional distance doesnt benefit either person. An example involves a couple who initially bonded with each other on many levels, one of which was a shared sense of humor. All that frustration focused on my work. Planetary Positions Calculations/Report. Where they reach an understanding and identification on a personal level, their basic personality, disposition and attitudes do not blend. Mercury forming a challenging aspect with Pluto is, well, a challenging connection and not exactly one to wish for. [p] There are two examples inw hich both persons have Mercury conjunct the other's Jupiter. Whatever it is, Moon can feel somewhat constrained by the relationship, and unable to express the child within, simply because of the expectation that Saturn may not approve, may not be capable of understanding, or may not be equipped to handle these expressions. [p] There are several examples when Mercury took the opportunity, not of construction, but of sheer destruction. Copyright 2000-2015 When a larger adaptation of cooperation is required, an incidious coercion becomes irreconcilable. Moon may sense a certain level of seriousness and even harshness or narrowness in Saturn that may not even exist in absolute terms. [p] In these examples we have a fraternal contact of ten years cohabitation, friendships and business acquaintances of longer periods. When we do get along (too many power struggle aspects such as pluto, so it's rare), even texts are awkward. [p] Two couples belonged to a communal group that shared sex and dope. He and Pluto met in spontaneous devotion, and were blessed in their work together for humanity, in literature, art, and culture. [p] The majority of examples are harmonious. Where Mercury is a big enough person to allow the Sun to express his ego, authority and capacities, it is a rich association. Mars was having an active sex life, being newly married. It can be as simple as a commitment that the partnership is a one-to-one relationship, or that it is exclusive.] of his director. There are hidden depths of coercion and psychological warp in one or both that meet in a crisis. [p] In one case a marriage dissolved because Mercury made no effort to sexually or socially reach agreement with his Mars wife. There were secret love affairs that were ecstatic and erotic; and one case of secret abortion of a pregnancy. [p] Another couple attempted to work in cooperation on a difficult project that they were unable to complete. The next conjunction is in 2026. You feel that you can learn a lot from Saturns wisdom. One of them was world traveled and ambitious; he went on to active fields. They can maintain association at a certain level or at intermittent times. A woman had Mercury opposition the Saturn of a dear friend who went blind. Saturn in 3rd House synastry is a difficult aspect for partnership, and it must be worked on extensively before any positive results can come. Synastry:SunMoonAspectsBetweenTwoCharts You also learn a lot from each other with this aspect in your synastry chart. [p] In several cases, Mercury attempted a work and social cooperation with Pluto, but met a coercive experience of covetry.

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